About the NPA


Connection, cooperation, and collaboration.
The National Policy Alliance brings together public officials, community leaders, aspiring public servants, and the citizens they serve.

01. Strategy

The NPA provides guidance in the development of a policy agenda, opening lines of communication among disparate groups, and approaching strategic partners.

02. Amplification

Our unique position allows us to spread your message to leaders in public service, community organizing, and academic inquiry.

03. Education

The NPA Public Service Leadership Institute prepares professionals for positions serving our nation as elected officials and community leaders.

Our History

Over 40 Years of Service

The National Policy Alliance (NPA) is composed of the major organizations representing black public officials from federal, state and local levels of government throughout the country, as well as the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, the nation’s preeminent think tank focused on issues of particular concern to the African American community.

Originally organized under leadership of the Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies as the National Policy Institute, the organizations has convened every four years, at the beginning of each presidential election year. These sessions, in which we discuss public policies and issues that affect the African American community, are ultimately intended to benefit the nation as a whole.

More recently, the NPA convened in 2005, as a more structured and permanent successor to the National Policy Institute. Its purpose is to give voice to the nearly 10,000 African American elected officials and the more than 3 million African American government employees who serve the nation. Together, these public servants represent not only the interests of the 35 million African Americans, but the interests of all Americans. For example, the 43 members of the Congressional Black Caucus represent approximately 40 million people of every racial and ethnic group.


Member organizations of the NPA
(in alphabetical order):

African American Mayors Association (AAMA)

Blacks in Government (BIG)

Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)

Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies (Joint Center)

Judicial Council of the National Bar Association (NBA-JC)

National Association of Black County Officials (NABCO)

National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBCLEO)

National Black Council of School Board Members (NBCSBM)

National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL)

National Organization of Black County Officials (NOBCO)

World Conference of Mayors (WCM)

Member Organization


Johnny Ford

Founding Co-Chair, NPA

Founder & Director General, WCM

Roy C. Brooks


Chairman, NOBCO

Spencer A. Overton

President & CEO

Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies

Webster Guillory

Founder - NOBCO

Co-Chair Emiritus, NPA

Hanifa Shabazz

City Council President

President, NBC-LEO

Dr. Emma Turner

School Board Member

President, NBCSBM

Dr. Doris Sartor

National President, BIG

Alisha Bell


President, NABCO

Cedric Richmond


President, CBC

Barbara Ballard

State Representative

President, NBCSLF

Gregory W. Porter

State Representative

President, NBCSL

Edward R. Jones


President, WCM

Anne-Marie Clarke

Circuit Judge

Chair, NBA-Judicial Council

Toni Harp


President, AAMA