The True Value of a Good Content Writer

by Nov 17, 2015City Marketing, Content, SmallBiz, SocialGov

I often tell our clients that the hardest part of building a website is not the technical or artistic things we do – its producing the content for the site. Like many other web development houses that become full-service marketing boutiques, Flow began offering content-writing and other digital marketing services in order to assist our web development clients in their business success. After all, where would we be as a company if nobody ever saw the spiffy new websites we built?

Until we added content writers to our core team, we referred content writing services to our preferred providers. Why? Because a good content writer is worth her/his weight in gold. GOLD, I tell you! Consider this: while a picture is worth 1000 words, a picture with no words for context is art. Art is beautiful and has its place but the purpose of your website and your company’s entire online presence, is to conduct business.

Your online content – the text and images on your website, in your Facebook Page posts, in your Tweets and on your flyers – is what keeps eyeballs on your brand and products. Content helps vacation planners choose between your bed & breakfast and the big name hotel. Content helps visitors to your city choose the quirky neighborhood atmosphere of your restaurant over the big “family dining” chains. Content makes your new designs desirable and encourages people to share their new fab finds with a few hundred friends. Content translates the awesome of your unique business into language your audience responds to best.

Great text content has power, and combined with visuals that support your overall awesomeness, has a significant effect on your bottom line. To get to that level of power, the content WRITER has to be a pro. We’re not just talking about being a decent writer. A great content writer:

  1. Has a mastery of efficient and effective research so that they can produce an authentic  and well-informed voice, even if the industry is new to them.
  2. Is an editing beast, filtering out whatever’s necessary to keep the article/tweet/post on topic and again, in an authentic voice for your company.
  3. Thinks about their writing in the context of where it will be placed, so your readers are not presented with a wall of text that will scare them off. This means breaking it up with appropriate headings and bullets as needed.
  4. Prioritizes organic SEO. This writing superhero understands that the point of your website is to win traffic and ultimately sell something – so they write fantastic content that supports that goal. Consistently.

It’s true, writing the content for your website, blog, or social networks is the hardest part of a digital campaign plan. You’ll invest time or dollars to make sure it’s done right, but the return on that investment is the future success of your business. What effect has content had on your online business efforts? Comment below and let us know.