AHF HIV Prevention


Access to HIV prevention, care and treatment for HIV/AIDS should be universal:

African American communities continue to be disproportionately impacted by:

Lack of access to clinics for care and HIV testing, as well as to condoms and safer sex educational opportunities;

High levels of stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS in these communities prevent people from learning their HIV status, or from seeking care and speaking honestly with their sexual partners if they know they are positive;

Both society and the health care industry have marginalized members of these communities both on account of sexual orientation and race, blocking essential treatment, care, and education for those who need it.


The National Policy Alliance (NPA) recognizes that HIV/AIDS is a civil rights issue. The members of the National Policy Alliance, shall commit to illuminating and fighting the persisting bias against communities of color as we collectively strive to lower the incidence of HIV/AIDS, and together we can ensure all communities have equal access to the tools we need in this fight.

Presented By Ed Jones, AHF

Motioned by: Adam McFadden, NBC-LEO

Seconded by: Darlene Young, BIG