About the National Policy Alliance

The National Policy Alliance (NPA) is composed of the major organizations representing black public officials from federal, state and local levels of government throughout the country, as well as the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, the nation’s preeminent think tank focused on issues of particular concern to the African American community.

The NPA began in early 1970’s under the leadership and direction of the Joint Center. The earlier organizational name was the National Policy Institute. NPA members have convened every four years, at the beginning of each Presidential election year, to discuss public policies and issues that serve the interests and needs of the African American community. The NPA is bolstered by the certain knowledge that these policies, when successful, benefit the nation as a whole.

Member organizations of the NPA are (in alphabetical order):

African American Mayors Association (AAMA)

Blacks in Government (BIG)

Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)

Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies (Joint Center)

Judicial Council of the National Bar Association (NBA-JC)

National Association of Black County Officials (NABCO)

National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBCLEO)

National Black Council of School Board Members (NBCSBM)

National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL)

National Organization of Black County Officials (NOBCO)

World Conference of Mayors (WCM)

More recently, the NPA convened in 2005, as a more structured and permanent successor to the National Policy Institute. Its purpose is to give voice to the nearly 10,000 African American elected officials and the more than 3 million African American government employees who serve the nation. Together, these public servants represent not only the interests of the 35 million African Americans, but the interests of all Americans. For example, the 43 members of the Congressional Black Caucus represent approximately 40 million people of every racial and ethnic group.

NPA organizational members recognize their mutual interests and have agreed to work together as follows:

We seek to work with any and all national organizations with publicly elected members, government employee members, political missions and/or special and political interest(s) that directly impact policies for the overall good of African Americans in the United States.

We host active forums which should serve as a catalyst for issue and policy discussion; strategic planning; and consensus on actions when appropriate and applicable.

We seek to implement a team effort in creating and moving forward an African American agenda which will be mutually beneficial to each organization; their respective missions and members; and ultimately the greater population.

We provide an aggregate voice to support the power base for African Americans relating to varying levels of government, including federal, state, county and local levels.

We pursue a collaborative relationship, which means working together in areas of mutual interest in ways that will be beneficial to:

The total African American population

Each actively participating organization

The overall membership of each organization

All Americans represented by the membership of the National Policy Alliance–officials, employees of government and organizations representing officials and employees.